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Comprehensive Strength

Comprehensive Strength

Big rubber with high precision, large, key, rare hundred sets of equipment imported from Germany, Japan, Italy and other countries the camp stool grams, British plug, OKUMA, such as the international first-class CNC machining center, machining department equipment 90 units, including 14 units imported equipment, divided into lathes, boring machine, milling machine, planer, drill press, grinding machine, machining center and special equipment. Can provide customers with high-precision product processing, and at the same time outsourcing processing outsourcing business.


Minister Liang: 13898458467



The quality testing center is the first in the industry to obtain quality management, environmental management, occupational health and safety management, energy management and other system certification, leading products have all passed the CE certification. Strong processing and manufacturing capacity, perfect quality assurance system, high precision testing instruments and complete testing means, to ensure a stable and excellent product quality.


Quality inspection service

Yan Minister: 18018957070



Heat treatment and casting capacity industry leading, to ensure the production of machinery and equipment manufacturing needs. Machining, casting, heat treatment can be independently contracted outsourcing tasks, to provide customers with customized, efficient, first-class services.


Foundry and heat treatment business

Minister Liu: 13614088300

Minister Ma: 18018958533

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