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Party work

Fully implementing the spirit of the 66th and 67th Party Committees of the Group, we resolutely won the victory in epidemic prevention and control as well as production and operation

Making good preparations for epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development is a strategic plan made by the CPC Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping as the core. Recently, the group company for 66 times, 67 times to expand party committee meeting, thoroughly study and apply work deployment requirements, general secretary of the important speech spirit and the provinces and cities continue to increase the predictability of work and targeted, pay attention to the "disease" and "front line" of the production and business operation discovery, selection and use of cadres, strengthening the construction of a gleam of cadres, more measures simultaneously, decisive press to return to work and production "fast forward button", ensure the epidemic prevention and control and the principle of production and operation, two not mistake, double win.

The resumption of work and production must ensure that it does not lead to the spread of the epidemic.

On February 9, in order to ensure the orderly and stable development of epidemic prevention and control, production and operation after the resumption of work by all units on February 10, the Party Committee of DALIAN Heavy Industry crane Group organized the 64th Party Committee (expanded) meeting to make final arrangements for the resumption of work and production under the premise of good epidemic prevention and control work. Leaders including Cong Hong, party secretary and chairman, Shao Changnan, Deputy Secretary and General manager of the Party Committee, and Tian Changjun, Party member and president, attended the meeting.
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