Fill the gap in r & D and manufacturing capacity to achieve a breakthrough in the domestication of major equipment Rubber and plastic two sets of large polypropylene granulator at the same time offline

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Fill the gap in r & D and manufacturing capacity to achieve a breakthrough in the domestication of major equipment Rubber and plastic two sets of large polypropylene granulator at the same time offline

(Summary description)


   On October 18th, Daxiangsu held the production ceremony of 350 thousand tons/year longyou petrochemical and 200 thousand tons/year polypropylene extrusion granulator.
Yang Faxin, vice president of Longyou Petrochemical, and Cong Hong, chairman of the Group, attended the ceremony and made speeches.
Wang Yuanjiang, assistant to the general manager of the group company and chairman of Daxiangsu, presided over the ceremony.
General manager of Oacu Yang Yu Ren introduced the development of the project. 

  Was seated government deputy prefects Li Rongjiu, ministry bureau deputy director Huang Yuanfang, party secretary of dalian equipment investment group co., LTD., general manager GuiBing, construction company of sinopec, a senior expert Su Hong, project manager Chen zm, joint-stock company leadership week, da-qing sun, group company management department and other functions, head of the department office, big rubber group members and a glimmer of employee representatives, countries, provinces and cities in the mainstream media reporters to attend the ceremony.

   Yang Faxin said in his speech, as the best of the domestic petrochemical equipment suppliers, big rubber with the revitalization of national equipment manufacturing industry as the "beginner's mind", remember to accelerate the process of major equipment nationalization "mission", continuously developed the domestic first sets annual output of 70000 tons to 350000 tons of various specifications of the large-scale extruding and granulating machine group, the development of the national equipment manufacturing industry and petrochemical industry has made outstanding contributions.

   The rolled off the production line at the same time two sets of large extruding and granulating machine group, is a large rubber technology innovation to lead the new trend of development of the industry, with first-class technology research and development strength, the shortest delivery cycle of equipment, exquisite product processing capacity, fast service response speed, reveal a large rubber to become a world-class supplier of determination and the will of a large extruding and granulating machine group.

   Longyou Chemical is willing to join hands with Daxiangsu to actively implement the national strategy, jointly promote the rapid development of China's petrochemical industry, and make new and greater contributions to China's economic construction, and wish Daxiangsu forever young and brilliant.

   CongHong in his speech said, big rubber developed countries first in March, 350000 tons of polypropylene extrusion granulation unit, after seven months, developed by 350000 tons/year, 200000 tons/year polypropylene device localization of extruding and granulating machine group referrals at the same time, and every created large domestic polypropylene granulating machine to produce new record at the same time, this is big rubber on the municipal party committee and municipal government under the correct leadership and support, with the help of the social from all walks of life, under the joint efforts of cadres and employees, new achievements, to shape the new brilliance.

  The development philosophy of the group is consistent with the development philosophy of the group. It is the responsibility of the enterprise to keep and develop the "big rubber" to go global and "plastic" to make the future. It is the responsibility of the enterprise to revitalize the national equipment manufacturing industry, develop "big rubber" and consolidate the "National team".
Dalian has a lot of "big name" enterprises, due to various reasons, no longer exist, but Dalian Heavy Industry, Dalian Dacha, Rubber plastic is still vigorous to make positive contributions to the development of Dalian equipment manufacturing industry.

   Therefore, the group company from top to bottom should strive to develop "big name", improve the awareness and ability to resist business risks, assume the historical responsibility, not only responsible for the enterprise "today", but also responsible for the enterprise "tomorrow".
To consolidate the "National team", Although Dalian Heavy Industry and Rubber plastics are state-owned enterprises in the city, we have always been the "national team" in the industry. Both in the service field and the competitors, we are the top and world-class "National team" in China.

  Therefore, the group company proposed to the municipal party committee, the municipal government to develop the "big name" industry, consolidate the status of the "national team" development concept, this is the mission history gives us, we have the confidence and ability to contribute to the revitalization and development of national industry.

   CongHong said group co., LTD. Will fully support the development of big rubber and plastic, group subordinate units also will, as always, with big rubber closely together, with the development of "big size", consolidate the "national team" is the common mission, in the second batch of "don't forget the beginner's mind, keep in mind that the mission" theme education savings in power, hard work, to return our customers with the best grades, in reward for our government, our society, return to our staff.
After the ceremony, Cong Hong and other leaders accompanied the guests to console the front-line employees of The project and visited the site of the workshop.

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