The first set of products with the largest width of five layers of plastic co-extrusion blow molding compound film unit key equipment in the rubber production line

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The first set of products with the largest width of five layers of plastic co-extrusion blow molding compound film unit key equipment in the rubber production line

(Summary description)


  With independent intellectual property rights, unique structure and product width up to 20 meters, the first set of five-layer plastic co-extrusion blow molding compound film unit in China, the head and main machine, has been successfully rolled off the production line.  

The head is a key device of the plastic co-extrusion blow molding compound film unit, and the research and development is extremely difficult. The research and development team and the debugging team have carried out 8 load tests on the head for more than half a year.

In the research and development process, Rubber plastics adopts a series of the latest technology, the head uses the new shunt configuration, to achieve no dead Angle structure design, melt flow smoothly in the head, no material storage, greatly improve the self-cleaning, the formation of its own three patents;

The special interlayer structure of each layer of the head well controls the flow rate of melt in the head, making the final product have high strength and high transparency.
The new internal cooling control technology enables the film discharging precision to be within ±0.2cm. After manual setting of the film specification, the system will automatically adjust to the target specification, which is stable and fast.

Through experimental simulation, calculation and analysis, a set of accurate processing parameters and tooling, detection means and assembly methods are formed, so as to effectively control the machining accuracy and assembly requirements of the unit, and make the unit performance reach the expected effect;
POLYFLOW software was used to assist the design of extruders and heads for different materials, and the status of temperature field and flow field was analyzed, so that the extruders and heads had a wider choice of raw materials.

VEL software simulation analysis calculation, so that the head melt flow uniformity effectively controlled within 5%;
According to the optimization and innovation of the five-layer unit, the company applies the latest technology to the similar products to realize renewal and serialization of products, which can meet the requirements of different specifications of products' width and span ranging from 6000-20000mm and thickness from 0.06 to 0.16mm.
The successful development of the key unit determines the productivity and performance of the unit, which is the core factor affecting the quality and performance of the final product.
The unit is made up of several extruders at the same time, through extrusion, blowing, stretching, shaping, winding and other production processes, continuous blowing out various specifications, series of farm film products, mainly used in the agricultural field.

From the perspective of agricultural film market development, the current trend at home and abroad from the common characteristics of longevity, drip, fog reduction film to the direction of high light transmission, high insulation, scattered light choice multifunctional film development.
To realize the above multifunctional requirements, it is necessary to control the interlayer structure of the film, which is the key issue concerned by most of the existing farm film equipment.
The machine head and main machine developed by The Company effectively control and solve the above key problems, and fully meet the production requirements of customers for different types of shed films.

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