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Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service


Perfect design system

The group company has a sound adjustment system and a high-level RESEARCH and development team, and has always been committed to the enterprise product application technology innovation and technology improvement research, to ensure that the company's maintenance business has a strong technical background support.


Professional manufacturing capability

As the leading factory and export base of Rubber and plastic machinery industry in China, the group company has a very professional production and manufacturing capacity, which can provide high-quality spare parts and spare machines for maintenance business in the first time, reducing user inventory and waiting period.


Rich field experience

The company has a professional maintenance and assembly team and technical team, the team members are made up of excellent technicians and engineers who have been working in the group for many years, and have professional quality and rich practical experience in the field equipment installation and debugging, maintenance, fault judgment and other work.


Advanced maintenance system

Establish the start is committed to using advanced management concept and information technology to improve equipment management level, the mixer line equipment installation remote monitoring device and the background statistics analysis system, the whole life cycle of the production line equipment maintenance management, timely collect complete equipment state information, the mixer line of each equipment in the abnormal state, maintenance requirements for alarm or hint, track after the follow-up work progress, and use the backend system has the function of statistical analysis and expert diagnosis, the judgment of equipment state and management link of closed loop control, Enable equipment management personnel to timely and accurately grasp the status of the production line, improve the maintenance efficiency, quantitative maintenance of various parameters.


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