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Experiment Ability

Experiment Ability

Dalian Rubber Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. test center, established in 1998.

The existing test workshop site is more than 1500 square meters, and the office room is more than 500 square meters.

It has 4 engineering test platforms and 9 sets of test units to meet the requirements of different types of rubber and plastic process test.

There is a high polymer material performance test room, which can complete the plastic basic performance test with process test.

Relying on the scientific research platforms such as academician workstation, engineering research center and postdoctoral workstation established by the experimental center, we have completed many national key research tasks, filled in domestic gaps, and formed independent intellectual property rights.


Test platform of continuous mixing and extrusion granulator

  • 4 twin screw extruders of different specifications (in the same direction and in the opposite direction)
  • ore than 500 building block components
  • It can complete working condition analysis of different screw configurations, verification of structural energy consumption and efficiency, mixing and plasticizing ability, and exploration of extrusion processing technology of solid-liquid blending materials.


Test platform of closed rubber mixer

  • Two sealed rubber mixing machines of different specifications
  • There are 8 sets of shear and meshing rotors
  • It can complete the working condition analysis of different rotor configuration, energy consumption, mixing capacity and effect comparison, and develop different kinds of rubber process formula.


Tensile rheological test platform

  • Two single screw extruders
  • Film blowing auxiliary machine with two kinds of dies
  • The new screw structure research, new material mixing and film blowing technology exploration can be completed.


LDPE / EVA engineering test platform

  • Single screw extruder
  • Melt feeding system, underwater pelletizing system, etc
  • It can complete the industrial production simulation test of LDPE / EVA materials.

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